Why do we do good?

I was wondering about whether acts are good because they are godly acts, or if acts are good because they bring about the consequences of order and peace in society. Is Christianity the basis of morality, or is it something else?

Why is it good to help others? Is it because it is God’s commandment to love each other? If so, it sounds dogmatic and authoritarian, which seems against the spirit of justification. When we are looking for reasons for goodness, we ought to be able to explain those reasons, but a dogmatic reason cannot really be explained. It is as though we should simply accept whatever we are told, since it comes from a higher authority.

Or is it because helping others begets being helped in return? If so, then it looks as though we are being good in order to accrue certain advantages for ourselves. In other words, it is selfish to be good, since, the reason for being good lies in the possible benefits we would receive from being good— such as others being good to us, or even, feeling good from doing good deeds.

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