Stories of your life

Record your family and personal history

A gift for yourself, your family, and a legacy for future generations.

A skilled oral history interviewer will professionally record your life story or your loved one’s life story.



Digital recordings saved onto USB sticks


Interview transcripts, edited memoirs

Personalised biography service

Do contact me to discuss your needs.


Life writing is my passion

  • Book authored and published in 2012
  • Obtained specialist qualification in Biography and Creative Nonfiction
  • Biography for adult as well as children readers
  • Biographer since 2017

Based in Singapore

I’m available to work with you in Singapore. I also work with the National Archives of Singapore to record oral history interviews, expanding their collection of writers and book publishers.

If you don’t recount your family history, it will be lost. Honor your own stories and tell them too. The tales may not seem very important, but they are what binds families and makes each of us who we are.

Madeleine L’Engle

Tell the stories and values of:

  • Your life
  • Your ancestry
  • Your parents
  • Your family

How it works

Step 1: Pre-interview chat

We’ll scope the recording and discuss topics for the interview.

Step 2: Audio recording

Most people will be able to tell their full life story in 10 hours. However, quite a lot of ground can be covered in 2-3 hours as well. There will be a 10-min break after every 1 hour of recording.


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